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Exmouth Town Ladies Please login to follow this team

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Colours Blue/White
King George V Ground
Exmouth Town A.F.C
Southern Rd
United Kingdom



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Darren Kenny
Head Coach
Josh Heard
Manager and Youth Development Officer
Annette Reynolds
Prefers: Netty

Team Administrator
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Tony Garcia
Assistant Coach

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Dominae Weeks
Becky Hazel
Player: Centre Midfield (Sub)
Becky Woodage
Player: Left Midfield
Carlie Lowe
Player: Central Defender
Hayley Simpson
Kath Wright
Player: Centre Forward
Libby Jordan
Lindsey Winton
Player: Left Midfield
Lisa Roberts
Nic Smallacombe
Rachel Johnstone
Defense (Captain)
Annette Reynolds
Prefers: Netty

Right / Centre Midfield
Sally Dye
Player: Left / Right Midfield
Sarah Lawler
Player: Central Midfield
Vicki Marsden
Player: Central Defender

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