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Real Food, Real Results

Whether you're playing in the lower leagues or are at the top of the sport, fuelling your body the right way is essential if you want to maximise your performance on the football pitch. Whilst there are many synthetic gels, shakes and powders available to give you a quick energy boost, going back to basics and using clean, unprocessed, natural foods is always going to have added benefits - in the same way as you wouldn't run a Ferrari on dirty cheap petrol, you don't want to use low quality synthetic sports nutrition products as your fuel on the pitch.

With this philosophy at the heart of everything they do, The Primal Pantry have created a range of natural energy bars with the perfect mix of natural protein, fats and carbohydrates. Each bar contains approximately 200 nutrient dense calories; relying on a few high quality natural ingredients, without any additives, preservatives, flavourings or colours in sight. What’s more the bars are cold pressed, meaning no heat is used in their manufacturing so their nutrients stay as intact as possible.

What makes The Primal Pantry fuel so efficient?

Carbohydrates 'the spark plug' Dates

Carbohydrates are provided by dates in each of the bars. These are high in fibre and nutritionally superior to other common carb sources used in other sports nutrition products (notably syrups, rice, sugar, fruit juice) because, whilst they contain simple sugars for quick release energy, the fibre in them helps control this energy release, meaning you don't get such a sudden sugar rush and then a drop.

Fats sustained fuel - Nuts

The natural fats in the bars come from the nuts, which help provide fuel for the body over longer exercise periods, alongside a host of other general health benefits.

Protein - aids in muscle recovery and growth


The nuts in The Primal Pantry bars also provide important protein, which, when combined with the natural carbohydrates and fats, creates a bar that not only helps fuel exercise, but also aids with muscle and mind recovery afterwards.

In a nutshell, The Primal Pantry bars are a great clean and natural energy source, which power your body as nature intended.

The Primal Pantry Bars, which include the 5 mouth-watering flavours (Coconut & Macadamia, Almond & Cashew, Brazil Nut & Cherry, Hazelnut & Cocoa and Apple & Pecan) are now available in Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Ocado, Holland & Barrett and health stores – www.primalpantry.com.

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