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Female Athletic Scholarships

At Elite Athletic Scholarships we are unlike other companies as we offer a invite only service!

By operating this way it means we are only looking to work with the best prospects, the players who may have just slipped through the net in terms of the professional game. This means we can work on securing the best possible scholarships and the best possible schools for our clients. We also take into account our clients preferences in terms of where they would like to be placed, style of play, even the climate they would like to play in!

We are currently recruiting for players for 2021, 2022 and 2023 start dates and have had a number of interested players contact us already!

With this in mind, we have been approached by a number of of collegiate programmes looking for female players for fall 2021 and 2022 start dates.

The women’s game out in America is extremely competitive and has always been one of the biggest sports for female athletes.

This offers an exciting opportunity for female athletes to improve whilst gaining a first class education.

If you have what it takes to compete in the collegiate system fill in our free evaluation form on our website https://eascholarships.com/contact/. More here

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