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Women's World Cup 2023: When women's football thrived decades ago

Millions of people will be tuning in to see England take on Spain in the Women's World Cup final.
The tournament in Australia and New Zealand has so far seen more than 1.7 million tickets sold and has been the highest-profile women's football competition yet.
It's the latest peak in a growing interest in the women's game, which has been building up over the last few years - after decades in the shadow of men's football.
But it wasn't always like that - at one time, the sport flourished in England.
Matches pulled in huge crowds - sometimes more than 50,000 people.
But then the women's game was effectively banned, with the FA at the time saying the game of football was "quite unsuitable for females".
It was another half century until women's football got back on its feet - and that's one reason it lags behind the men's game today.